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Taru Pramana

Unveiling Taru Pramana: Embrace Wellbeing and Culture in Eight New Wholesome Cocktails

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Lontar Taru Pramana and the rich cultural heritage of Ubud, each cocktail in the Taru Pramana collection is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of health and tradition. Lontar Taru Pramana, rooted in Balinese culture, exposes the virtues of alternative medicine through plant-based ingredients, emphasizing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability.

According to Adi Saputra - Head Mixologist of Ambar about Lontar Taru Pramana, plants possess inherent healing properties, each claiming to offer remedies for specific ailments through their flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, and more. Taru Pramana encourages the preservation of medicinal plants to maintain biodiversity, reflecting Ubud's history as a traditional medicine hub. The name "Ubud" itself derives from "Ubad," Balinese for "medicine," reflecting the abundance of medicinal flora in the Campuhan Ubud area.

Ubud Prince - Ambar

Ubud Prince

Jack Fruit infused Vodka | Aromatic Ginger | Cempaka Honey | Foamee


My Grandma - Ambar

My Grandma

Spiced Rum | Homemade Andaliman Liqueur | Dry Vermouth infused Betel leaf | Turmeric | Wild Honey
Temu Memories - Ambar

Temu Memories

Vodka | Temulawak | Herb Gomme | Pineapple
Wild Field - Ambar

Wild Field

Finest Balinese Arak infused Pandan leaf | Kepiduh leaf | Pandan Tincture
Ambar Apperitivo

Ambar Apperitivo

Archipelago Gin | Kayu Manis leaf | Homemade Kombucha | Wild Honey | Foamee
  • “For me, all plants can tell a fascinating story – they can talk and have special healing powers. Each plant can cure different health problems, like using their flowers, leaves, fruits, bark, roots, or wood. As a botanist, I have noted this in my journal, allowing me to combine these plants in precise ways. Creating these remedies is straightforward – you just need to crush the plants, mix them with water, and consume them as herbal medicine. Leaving a lasting, eco-conscious impression, is my simple mission,”
    Adi S - Head of Mixologist